Melbourne; The Perfect Canvas

Melbourne; The Perfect Canvas

Why there is no more stunning a place than Melbourne and surrounds to stage your wedding.

With so many factors to consider when planning your wedding, it's not surprising that location is of prime importance. Staging your wedding at the perfect location will not only bring smiles to your guests, but will also leave you with spectacular photographs and everlasting memories. Thankfully, the Melbourne region has an abundance of stunning locales to host your wedding. Besides being one of the world's most liveable cities, it has a plethora of natural and, man-made, beauty all around - from the heights of the CBD, to the beautiful beaches of Mornington Peninsula, to the scenic vineyards of the Yarra Valley.

We all know that photography is a special component in any wedding as it captures these once-in-a-lifetime events in frames that will be treasured forever. With the creation of attractive photos, you can be proud to share them with family, friends and even future generations. As such, your wedding location should have an appealing, distinctive and beautiful setting. In Melbourne and surrounds, we are blessed with so many options for scenic backdrops that will make perfect canvasses for the palate of paint that is your wedding. At Sorrento, for example, the very fine white sand and aqua blue sea create a lovely setting for a picture-perfect beach wedding. Or for a beach setting with more contrast, Brighton Beach, with it's colourful bathing boxes, is a classic choice.

For those who enjoy greenery, I may suggest the Dandenong Ranges. It has low mountains, steep valleys and georgeous forests. It also offers some of the most stunning views and pure natural backgrounds in Australia. There you can find unique venues like Olinda Tea House, where guests can enjoy floor to ceiling windows, lush gardens with a bush backdrop, all of which set an exceptional scene for your event.

If a natural setting isn't for you, Melbourne still has plenty of other options - such as rooftop wedding venues. These offer a modern environment that boast city and urban views. At Crown Aviary, you can get an exclusive metropolitan view for your wedding, whereby you can enjoy the city skyline and have the Yarra River in prime view. If you'd prefer an even higher vantage point, at Eureka 89 in Southbank, you can get a 360-degree view across Port Phillip Bay and Melbourne City. This panoramic view is simply breathtaking and, coupled with a city sunset, is a spectacular combination. 

Regardless of your preference, you can be assured that Melbourne and surrounds will provide you options as good as anywhere in the world. The possibilities are nearly endless, and with an open mind and some solid research, you will find here your perfect canvas.

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