Online Planning Tools: To Use or Not To Use?

Online Planning Tools: To Use or Not To Use?

When it comes to you planning your wedding, you have quite an important decision to make: Do we keep everything in word and excel (or docs and sheets) or do we utilise dedicated planning tools supplied by a wedding site?

When it comes to the answer it’s all about the quality and modernity of the planning tools as to whether they will benefit you or not. Moreover, the more stylish and easy to use will see you actually excited about wedding planning.

 Why Range is Important

A range of planning tools is very important, but I say the main reason is because you’re best to keep your planning in one spot as much as possible. If you start using a checklist and budget planner and then go to use a table manager, but it’s not existent, you’ll then have to sign up with another provider to get the tool you need.

Types of Planning Tools

1. Checklist - To keep you on track through your planning journey. The best tools will allow you to add or remove items and a progress bar.

2. Inspiration Section - To keep you inspired and act as a source of ideas that you can adapt and use for your wedding.

3. Wedding Website - Allows you to inform your guests of all important details. All wedding websites should be integrated with a guest list tool and allow RSVP and Gift Registry links (for online registries).

4. Guest List Manager - Allows you to add and keep track of all your guests and RSVPs in one place. All modern guest lists should have an excel spreadsheet import option to save time.

5. Favourite Suppliers - Allows you to keep track of all your favourite suppliers making it easy to see if you’ve contacted and/or booked.

6. Budgeter - Keep track of all your spending in one place. Track budget allowances for specific items or services, what’s been paid and what’s left owing.

7. Table Manager - Create and allocate seating in a logical way. All great table managers should allow you to drag and drop guests into position and export in PDF.

8. Run-Sheet Organiser - Means you can collate all information with respect to timings and suppliers involved. As with a table manager should also have PDF export.

Are paid tools worth it?

To answer this question briefly, the answer is no. There are at least 3 wedding planning providers in Australia that offer a full suite of planning tools. All 3 of these provide access to these tools for free. Save yourself some money but choose the most modern of them all ;) You’ll have a seamless planning experience.

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