Matching Your Makeup Style With Your Wedding Dress

Matching Your Makeup Style With Your Wedding Dress

Matching Your Makeup Style With Your Wedding Dress

So, your wedding is coming up, huh? Upon the piles of planning that goes into a wedding, it’s important for a bride to look her best and feel comfortable in her dress and her makeup style. So, how do you choose the type of makeup style to best suit your wedding dress? I guess the number one tip we can give you is to find yourself a talented stylist. However, it doesn’t hurt to look into these things yourself, so you have an idea of the kind of result you want to achieve. Check out our suggestions for matching your makeup style with your wedding dress below.

Simply Elegant Neutral Coloured Dress

In order to match with a simple, elegant, neutral coloured dress, it’s best to meet elegant with elegant. Makeup styles that suit this kind of wedding dress design are generally classic, neutral palettes with rosy tones. 

Add a splash of metallic eye shadow for a little va-va-voom, if you feel like accentuating your eyes. Pop a light pink or nude on the lip for a subtle look, or a bright red if you want to step it up a notch and make your lips a focal point.

Peachy tones, golds and creamy nudes are all great choices for a neutral, simple style. Less is more.

Big, Bold, Beautiful White Gown

This type of dress style is complemented beautifully by a bold makeup look. A dark plum lip with a bold smoky eye and contouring that’s on-point will ensure your stunning face isn’t outshined by your lavish, ball gown style dress. 

Find yourself a makeup artist who knows how to create a gorgeous magazine worthy look that accentuates your natural features with modern glam and a bold, yet measured colour palette.

Unique, Colourful, Out-Of-The-Box Dress

Ok, there are two ways you can approach this. You can either go with a super simple, natural makeup look (with a touch of flair) if you really want the dress to pop. This means nude, golden or peachy tones with maybe a hint of smokiness or creative shadow to the eyes.  

You could alternatively highlight your gorgeous features with a bold makeup look, incorporating colours that compliment tones showcased on your dress. If you’ve got a stunning silvery number, play it up with some beautiful blue based tones on your eyes (or lips, if you’re ready to rock a look that’s out of the norm). 

If your dress is a little darker than the traditional wedding dress, a grey for instance, don’t be afraid to pair it with a darker makeup look that uses a deep red or plum lip and a darker eye palate, if you’re going for an alternative kind of style.

General Wedding Makeup Tips

Ok, now that we’ve outlined a few specific wedding dress styles and the kind of makeup looks that can work with them, here are a few general wedding makeup tips that are going to help you make a few of those pivotal decisions.

  • Don’t stray too far from your usual makeup look. Honestly, the dress you choose is likely going to match somewhat with your personality, and you want your makeup to do so as well. Your wedding is about you and your partner. Always lean towards a style that will make you feel comfortable, and that you can look back on fondly in pictures and memories.


  • Include photos in your makeup trial run. There’s nothing worse than getting your wedding photos back and seeing that your face is completely washed out, or that the style you wanted just didn’t come across through the camera lens.


  • Highlight a focal feature (or two). When it comes to creating a gorgeous makeup look, it’s always a great idea to choose a focal feature, whether it be eyes, lips or something else. The same goes for wedding makeup, and your entire wedding look, if we’re being completely honest. Having too many focal features can create a confusing look, having too little may end up looking bland.

Check out our Inspo section for many more makeup ideas, and heart the ones you love!

No matter what you read or the advice you decide to follow, always remember that your wedding is YOUR wedding. No-one else’s. Do whatever makes YOU feel comfortable. If you want to make your white dress pop with a brightly coloured lip, go ahead! If you think a little eye shimmer will help lift the look, then shimmer it up. You do you.

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