Alternative Weddings - Not Everyone Goes For A Traditional Service

Alternative Weddings - Not Everyone Goes For A Traditional Service

One of the greatest things about weddings is that you can hold them anywhere you like (within reason, no space weddings just yet!). You don’t need to go down the traditional path of a religious setting, followed by a reception – unless that’s what you’re into. Ideally you want a wedding to be something that people remember. Going ahead with a ‘non-traditional’ wedding can be a great escape from the norm and your friends and family will remember it as the special occasion it should be!

Weddings can be a lavish affair or quiet and classy; it all depends on the vibe you’re going for on the day. Some say that a wedding is all about what the bride wants and this is completely true, do what makes you feel good. Hold it where you want, if anyone wants to complain then realistically would you want them there anyway? Real friends are supportive and will make the effort to go wherever the wedding is to be held.


A Destination Wedding is for those that have the travel bug. You can choose to host your wedding in a place far from home that has some significance for you; or if you simply want to bundle your wedding in with your honeymoon! The only problem with this wedding is that your guests will need to pay for their travel and accommodation. But it is perfect for close knit friends and smaller weddings, and often that is all you need!


Beach Weddings are perfect for people that like a bit of sunshine. In Australia we have perfect beaches that will suit almost any sized party. Usually you’ll choose a beach that is near your home, and has a low tourist count (that means Bondi is out!). Beach weddings are perfect for guests with families and for larger parties.


If you’re into the outdoors and not a fan of beaches, then the Forest Wedding is for you. There are many amazing forests to choose from, and often the photos you can achieve are stunning. With dappled light and cool temperatures, a natural forest setting can be the perfect location. For some forests you’ll need to seek permission to host a wedding, and there may be rules that you’ll need to abide to for the protection this natural environment.


Themed Weddings can be held almost anywhere and they’re suitable for the fun spirited. These weddings will choose a theme and decorate the location to suit. You can pick your favourite pop-culture (or not so pop) and run with it! These weddings are fun and give a spontaneous feel, they are totally up to you and what you enjoy!


The Memory Lane Wedding is held in a place that has some significance to your relationship. It might be the first place you met, or where you first fell in love, or anything that has some importance. These can be very romantic and give your guests some sense of who you are as a couple. You can share the significance with your guests or keep it as a secret.


Planning a wedding can be challenging, but deciding on a venue and location can ease some of that pressure. It can be the starting point and will provide a wedding planner with an idea of what you’d like in your wedding. They will offer suggestions to make your dream become a reality and you’ll end up having the most magical day!




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