How to Pull off a Surprise Wedding

How to Pull off a Surprise Wedding

We've all seen the pictures and videos from surprise weddings, and how much joy they radiate, the look on the guest's faces are priceless, and it's a unique way to spend one of your most special days. More and more couples are wanting less fuss when it comes to their nuptials, and there is no better way to do it than with the element of surprise and being in full control of what happens on your wedding day.

Here are six of the best tips to help you pull together the most awesome surprise wedding!

Hire a Wedding Planner

If you want to pull off the ultimate surprise wedding, then hiring a wedding planner is the best way to go. Not only is it someone that you can bounce ideas off seeing that information is off-limits to everyone else, but they can also do a lot of the running around for you on the day so you can concentrate on the 'I do's.' Wedding planners also help save your sanity by taking care of the little details that are better left to someone else. Additionally, given the highly orchestrated nature of a surprise wedding, a wedding planner is well versed in organisation and creating itineraries. They understand how to cope with every little detail, especially when you are trying to pull off a surprise and keep it secret from all your loved ones.

Make sure the decoy event pulls guests in

The most common decoy event for a wedding is an engagement party, which makes a lot of sense; however, it depends on your timing, and you might get questions if your 'engagement' party is a year after your engagement announcement.

Other major events to use as a decoy could include a significant birthday, or perhaps a charity event that is close to your heart and your loved ones are likely to support. There aren't many events that will pull all of your family and friends together so you may need to get creative to pull a surprise wedding off.

Let ALL suppliers know

All your suppliers must know that it is a surprise wedding, so they don't let it slip to a guest before the nuptials begin. It would be a shame after all your hard work if it was let slip just before the ceremony and all your hard work would have been for nothing. Make it a priority for you or your wedding planner to inform all suppliers.

Video is a must!

The one thing you really want to capture on the day is the reactions of everyone when they realise what the event actually is, your wedding! Even if it is a simple wedding, a videographer will be able to best capture the excited and emotional faces of your family and friends and enable you to look back on it and enjoy the moment. 

Don't be tempted to tell anyone

It is an exciting time when planning a wedding, no matter what size it is. You may be tempted to share what you're doing with your loved ones, especially your mum, who would otherwise probably be heavily involved in the organisation. The one thing you don't want to do is ruin the excitement of your guests on the day, and this is what a surprise wedding is all about. If you are using a wedding planner, they can share in the secret telling with you so that it isn't spoiled for any of your guests.

Keep it simple

A surprise wedding is best kept as simple as possible, especially if they are being disguised as an engagement party or a significant birthday. Given that you are already holding onto a pretty big secret by keeping the planning and wedding ceremony simple, it will help relieve a lot of stress and allow you to relax and enjoy the day more.

Bonus Tip: Enjoy it!

Above anything else, make sure you enjoy your day. Most often surprise weddings are put in place because the bride and groom want a minimal fuss and less stress. The best course of action is that you let your wedding planner and suppliers take care of everything on the day so you can say 'I do' in front of all your loved ones.


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