The Significance of the Wedding Bouquet

The Significance of the Wedding Bouquet

The bridal bouquet has origins stemming back from ancient times. They were constructed with a variety of floral, herbs and often fruit. The general idea was that they would ward off evil spirits and provide good fortunes to the recently married couple. There were a variety of reasons for the inclusion of the bridal bouquet and in some cases, it included medicinal benefits, such as keeping plague and other disease at bay.



In modern times, the bouquet is seen as a symbol of moving from single life to a married life. The toss signifies the end of an unmarried life and wishes to pass this good fortune onto other singles. It is usually made up to complement the theme and colours chosen by the bride.


Having a bouquet made specifically for your wedding can signify good luck and offer you a happy and traditional start to your marriage. While flowers are the most common element for a bridal bouquet many other options are available.

What Does the Bridal Bouquet Toss Mean?


The bouquet toss has traditions that extend back to ancient times. It used to be that touching a bride offered good luck, and this resulted in many of the traditions that surround weddings today. People just wanted to touch the bride and hold pieces as it was thought to bring good fortune, the bridal bouquet toss developed from this as a means to distract the guests and for the bride to quickly escape from their overly touchy guests.


Now many of these traditions and superstitions have been forgotten, but the rituals have remained and are touted as fun. As with all weddings, it’s totally up to the bride if they want to include the bridal toss, it’s a fun and exciting part of the wedding. Even though some people can get a bit over excited, it’s a good chance for the bride to take a break and have some attention focussed on others.



Most bridal tosses are done as a blind throw, where the bride will turn her back on the crowd of hopefuls and toss the bouquet over her shoulder. While this is the traditional manner it can result in injuries and cause damage as it’s hard to predict where the bouquet will fall.

Do I have to Do the Bridal Bouquet Toss?

The short answer is no, it’s your wedding you can choose to do it or not.


 Even though the bouquet toss is intended as a fun and good time, some people find it to be embarrassing and degrading, but feel obligated to take part. There are other options that you can do and involve everyone without the need for competitive sports!


Try having a bouquet created that can be disassembled and you can hand out small sections to your wedding party as a good luck symbol. You can even have portions of material form your dress added. This can give all your guests something to take home with them. The flowers can be hung and dried in their home. It can be marked as a symbol of good fortunes and joy!







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