Popular Wedding Flowers And The Meanings Behind Them

Popular Wedding Flowers And The Meanings Behind Them

Weddings and flowers are considered synonymous, and in fact you’d be hard pressed to find a wedding that doesn’t have some sort of floral arrangement. When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there are many types available and these can be made into all sorts of different bouquets and centre pieces. A skilled florist can design your choice to suit any style or theme of wedding.

When you’re planning a wedding, then knowing what the meanings of the flowers are can bring a higher significance to your special day. Here we have a list of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings, you can choose from these or totally go it alone and pick something you like!


Babies Breath is usually considered filler material in a bouquet, but it is much more than that. With its light and airy feel, it’s known to signify innocence and new beginnings.


Lilies are a newer flower coming into fashion for weddings (traditionally white lilies are a funeral flower).  There are many to choose from and these have different meanings based on their colour:

  • Red & Orange – Passion
  • White – Honour & Truth
  • Yellow - Happiness


The traditional Iris is a deep purple colour with yellow hues, and it can easily blend into any bouquet. There are different colours available, but purple is the most common with a meaning of faith and wisdom.


Orchids are versatile and impressive flowers and they’re available in a huge variety of colours. Orchids are considered to be one of the most intriguing and prized flowers, they represent love and luxury.


Difficult to say and beautiful to look at, the chrysanthemum is a complex flower that really holds its own in a bouquet. The Chrysanthemum is for wealth, joy and truth.



The humble daisy is such an understated flower. It reached a status in the 60s and 70s that has been unmatched by any other. Daisies carry a message of freedom and innocence.


Gerbera are the perfect flower for highlighting a day and are available in many colours. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t like a Gerbera and for that reason they are known for cheerfulness.


Ah, the rose. These are a staple for any wedding. They tick all the boxes, beauty, style, colour, and perfume. However, the different colours all have significant meanings established over generations.

  • White – Humility & Innocence
  • Orange – Desire & Fascination
  • Pink – Admiration & Loveliness
  • Beige – Modesty
  • Burgundy – Lust
  • Red – Love & Happiness
  • Yellow – Friendship



For the freshest flowers it’s important to choose those that are in season; your florist can help with this. Many species will flower year-round and some are grown in specific conditions to increase their flowering season. Consider the time of year and if they will stand up to the conditions of your venue, for example an outdoor beach wedding in summer will have different flowers to an indoor wedding during winter.

Although many flowers carry a significant meaning, of course you can choose any flowers you like and don’t need to stick to tradition! The choice of flowers is totally yours to make, if you have your eye on a particular arrangement your florist should be able to make it happen!






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