Slot Machine T&Cs

Dream Machine Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Congratulations on winning a token by which you may use our virtual slot machine software known as the “Dream Machine”. Your use of that token and our virtual slot machine software is subject to these terms and conditions. The token or tokens that you have received constitute an offer to use our virtual slot machine software on these terms and conditions. If you use any token, you will be deemed to have accepted this offer and will thus be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with them, you should not use any token that you have received;
  • 2. For the avoidance of doubt, these terms are intended to be binding under the laws of Victoria. Any dispute that arises may only be adjudicated in the courts of Victoria and according to the laws of Victoria;
  • 3. In using our virtual slot machine software, you acknowledge that:
    • a. You are:
      • i. At least 18 years of age; and
      • ii. Genuinely engaged to be married; and
      • iii. Ordinarily a resident of the State of Victoria.
    • b. Prizes are generally awarded at random and you are therefore not guaranteed to receive any prize or benefit; and
    • c. From time to time, in addition to prizes awarded at random, we may also award specific prizes that we consider appropriate for particular users based on information that we have collected from them. We are not obligated to do so and will incur no liability for awarding such a prize which you consider inappropriate for you.
  • 4. Prizes may include but are not limited to vouchers and discounts for further purchases on our website or partner website or company. If you receive such a prize, we will make clear our relationship with any partner website or company;
  • 5. If you win a prize, we may require certain information from you. You must provide that information within the period specified on notification that you have won the prize. If you do not provide the information, we will not be able to provide the prize to you;
  • 6. You will not be responsible for any delivery costs in relation to a prize that you win;
  • 7. If we send a prize to you and you fail to receive it, or it is received in a faulty state, we may (in our absolute discretion) fix, replace or resend the item (but are not obligated to do so).
  • 8. We will not be liable for failure to provide any prize or prizes, or provision of any prize or prizes in a defective state;
  • 9. By using our software, you release and indemnify us against any loss or injury that you or another party suffers while receiving any prize that you win;
  • 10. You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and are located in Victoria. If you are outside of Victoria, we will not provide any prize that you win;
  • 11. While this is a free virtual slot machine rather than a form of gambling, you acknowledge that slot games generally can be addictive and harmful;
  • 12. We reserve the right to remove virtual slot machine software from our website and public access. If we do so, you will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of tokens that you still hold;
  • 13. We may amend these terms at any time. If we do so, we will post a notice on our website. If you continue to use any token or tokens, or the software, you will be taken to have accepted our amended terms.

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