Sirene Sea Pearls

Dromana VIC, Australia
Servicing All Victoria.
About This Supplier
Sirene Sea Pearls - your place for South Sea Pearls

"Life, love and laughter: moments captured in the journey of a pearl, for now and beyond"

Why not capture your special journey with the perfect piece of pearl jewellery made especially for you and your bridal party

Sirene Sea Pearls are rare gems formed by living oysters and occur in the pristine waters off Australia and the South Pacific

Marine Biologist and pearl farmer, Serena Sanders (owner of Sirene Sea Pearls) has worked in the South Sea pearl industry since 1983 and knows everything there is to know about pearls and loves sharing this knowledge.

She wants people to own South Sea pearls, know their history, where and how they are grown, and their unique characteristics. Each pearl that is created into a piece of jewellery comes with its own unique "Birth Certificate"

In this way each piece of pearl jewellery will carry its history and be loved, worn and cared for as it is passed down through generations.

Serena works individuallly with each customer to personalise your purchase



Pearl engagement , Pearl occasion

Wedding Jewellery

Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Strands, Brooches, Rings


Custom made, Alterations and remodelling

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