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For over 7 years, Suitably has worked tirelessly to provide Australia with the best quality, value, and service in the often confusing world of classic attire. We believe that we provide the most compelling choice for discerning customers. We do this by providing Australians with a unique combination of handmade, detail-oriented clothing, first-name basis service and technology solutions that are unique to us.

We’re here to serve you and provide you with the clothing that you deserve with unforgettable service. This is why we’re so highly regarded by our customers. Whether it’s for a day in the office, or the BIG day, Suitably is here to help you look your best and unlock your potential. 

We get it. Your friends and family are going to be there and you’re going to want to make sure that you look as good as you can lest the blushing bride leaves you at the altar (We’re kidding. That won’t happen)

Suitably provides a full custom wedding service with a dedicated consultant to help you find the right look for your wedding day. However, sometimes, there’s a lot of information that needs to be taken in. We’ve created this guide to help get you up to speed and help send the right message.

Ready to take the next step? Take advantage of our FREE wedding consultations.

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Google Reviews
Mitch Crawford

10 months ago

Andy and Alexander were extremely helpful, from helping me to decide which fabrics to use to the style and fit. They’re masters in their styling and provide fantastic results while giving you the confidence you’ll look great on the big day. They understood I wanted something special and they delivered! Their service, quality and price couldn’t be beaten. I’ll be back for my future suits without a doubt! Thank you Suitably for making the suit of my dreams and making the process seamless.

Ryan Aquino

a year ago

Alex really went above and beyond to get our suits ready for our big day. He clearly is passionate with his craft and wants the best for his clients. The look and feel of the suit is high quality and the fit is superb, he really knows his stuff and instinctively knows the design and style which I was after. Highly Recommended !!!

Katrina Anastasi

2 months ago

We used suitably for our wedding and Alex made the most beautiful suits for Jeremy and the groomsmen for our wedding day! Alex is so highly skilled and has an eye for attention to detail. We could not recommend him more. Thank you for creating my dream wedding suit. Love jeremy and Kat

Saitoni Teu

a year ago

Highly recommend! Good quality material and great price! Me and my partner finally got married we have postponed our wedding 2-3 times due to covid and Alex has been there since day one. Dealing with Alex was a breeze, he was easy going and very professional. I put my trust in him with my suit and he did not disappoint. It was a pleasure dealing with Alex and I would do it again. I can't recommend suitably enough.

Andrew Ford

a month ago

I work in the same office as Alex and have seen the suits for a long time and have seen how busy they are. But when engaging them for my 17 year old sons for his first school formal they had all the time in the world for us. The process was smooth and structured and the product was wonderful. It's a proud moment for any dad seeing his first son getting his first bespoke suit and it was handled beautifully and the end result was excellent. I will post photos of the final product in a few weeks! Highly recommended for value for money and a suit that will look good and last.

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