Unlimited - Duo, Trio or Band

Melbourne VIC, Australia
Servicing All Victoria.
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Specialised Wedding & Corporate Entertainment

Duo, Trio or Band

The Un-Limited enterprise is brought to you by Dan & Alyssa, two enthusiastic, accomplished, and highly sought after entertainers based in Melbourne, Australia. The pair live and breathe music, and share a passion for their brand which has grown to extreme heights since it's beginning in 2010. 


Un-Limited was founded on this concept; a showband that has a focus on providing you with a concert like experience. Un-Limited is a 6 piece act that includes 4 vocalists, a live DJ on stage and A-Class visual production. With true showmanship, chart topping dance hits and close attention to detail in modern production; this is one quality act you don’t want to miss out on. 


With what started as just a trio playing in small pubs in their local town, they have expanded, yet been selective with their now larger team, and have taken their brand all over Australia as well as internationally; providing Unlimited with a minimum of 250 shows a year, every year.


The team all share the same vision and excitement for entertainment which has allowed Un-Limited to not only perform for some of the biggest companies and venues in Australia, but is what keeps this group so tight and allows them to continually grow.




Weddings, Corporate Events, Wineries


Full PA/Cordless Mics/Screens

Music Services

Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Master of Ceremonies

Wedding Activities


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