High Country Gardens, Gallery and Maze

678 Piries-Goughs Bay Road, Goughs Bay VIC, Australia
Shepparton Region.
About This Supplier

High Country Gardens, Gallery, and Maze is an exclusive ceremony-only wedding venue located in the stunning High Country of Victoria. The property spans 2 hectares and features award-winning gardens, a maze, a labyrinth, captivating sculptures, and more! With features showcased on popular television shows such as Better Homes and Gardens and Gardening Australia, you can be assured of an exceptional ceremony location and breathtaking photo opportunities.

Nestled just 15 minutes away from Mansfield, High Country Gardens, Gallery, and Maze is a magical wonderland that offers an elegant yet enchanting location for your wedding ceremony. The grounds have been meticulously tended to and maintained for over 16 years by garden enthusiasts, making it a truly unique and exceptional location.

Lose yourself in the intriguing atmosphere, explore the intricate mazes, and delight in the changing colors and moods of the gardens. From hidden gnomes and pixies to heart-shaped hedges, antique wheels, picturesque gazebos, and giant chess pieces, the property offers a plethora of fascinating features. And with its national features on Better Homes and Gardens, Gardening Australia, and Secrets of Beautiful Gardens, it's no wonder that High Country Gardens, Gallery, and Maze is a beloved wedding venue for many.


Multiple Ceremony Areas, Gardens, Maze, Water Feature


Ceremonies Only

Ceremony Capacity


Reception Capacity


Price Range (Per head)

Under $50

Accommodation Options

Short Drive

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