Paradise Gardens

1199 Perricoota Road, Moama NSW, Australia
Shepparton Region.
About This Supplier

Paradise Gardens is a stunning, lush green oasis situated on the banks of the magnificent Murray River, conveniently located around 10 minutes drive from Echuca/Moama and offering the ideal backdrop for your wedding day. The garden spans three acres and presents a delightful, romantic setting for wedding ceremonies and afternoon receptions. The garden is composed of multiple rooms interconnected by broad, meandering paths, and boasts many breathtaking photo opportunities.

Mature grey box trees create a canopy over much of the garden, providing welcome shade during the summer months, and there are also vast lawns, especially along the riverbank, where your guests can explore and enjoy the stunning river views. The website contains a wealth of photographs and additional information. Additionally, Paradise Gardens is home to "Houseboat For Two," a luxurious, brand-new houseboat designed for two people, making it the perfect honeymoon or getaway destination.


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