Mel Rose Couture

Bulleen VIC, Australia
Inner Melbourne, Eastern Melbourne, Northern Melbourne, Western Melbourne, Yarra Valley.
About This Supplier
Stunning Hand Made Bespoke Couture

There is a wonderful journey waiting for you at Mel Rose Couture. Experience the joy of having your bridesmaids gown created just for you. Mel is dedicated to designing beautiful one of a kind gowns from sketch, to sourcing high quality fabrics, to utilising couture techniques in each bespoke gowns' creation, to ensure the fit of your gown is everything is should be.

The Process

Every couture client at Mel Rose Couture will be given Mel's personal attention throughout the entire couture process.

From your first consultation Mel will gather your ideas, inspiration, and, personal style, to produce the first sketches of your gown, illustrating the design elements specified by you. Once the sketches of your gown have been finalised, Mel will then help you in choosing the perfect fabric to bring your gown to life. Your couture experience continues as your dream gown takes shape through pattern construction and toile, to several personalised fittings.

Then, all that remains, is to add the desired embellishments and complete the final hand stitching. Finally your completed gown is revealed. That first sketch has become a magnificent creation that fit's perfectly. The gown you always dreamed of.

Custom Tailoring

Mel understands that couture may not be for every bridesmaid, but every bridesmaid deserves to have her gown fit perfectly. Not just in size, in style and personality as well. To help all clients feel their best, Mel Rose Couture offer a bespoke alterations and tailoring service. Whether it's a tweak, a resize, or a complete restyling, you and your gown are in the right hands.


Gown Styles

custom bridesmaids, evening gowns, mob/mog


Mel Rose Couture


silk, satin, lace, embroidery, tulle

Meet the Team

Designing and creating a beautiful bespoke bridal gown is truly a wonderful experience and one of the main reasons why I absolutely adore what I do. Using all the skills and techniques l have acquired in the 15+ years since starting Mel Rose Couture, there is just something so special in working one on one with a client and creating their dream gown. Celebrating each clients vision and unique style through design, fabric choice, and finishing touches.

Google Reviews
Sandy Rezk

2 months ago

So happy I came across Mel for my wedding dress alterations. Was really impressed with her suggestions and ideas for the dress which looked perfect. Mel was so professional, thorough and skilful, she took her time to answer all our questions. Great service and value! Definitely recommend!

Cherie Zischke

8 years ago

Mel designed and handcrafted my stunning wedding dress. Her attention to detail and expertise are second to none. The gown she created was bespoke, elegant and perfect in every way. Thank you Mel for helping make my day such a special and memorable one.

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