The Stellarbrant

Melbourne VIC, Australia
Inner Melbourne, Eastern Melbourne, Northern Melbourne, Western Melbourne.
About This Supplier

My name is Dimitrios and I am a marriage celebrant based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Having worked in the Event and Media industry for over ten years, I have invaluable insight and experience to draw from, allowing me to create ceremonies uniquely special and forever memorable.

As a producer, writer and voice over artist, I have honed the necessary skills to deliver a polished performance and create what will stand to be powerful, moving memories for you, your friends and family.

From scripting vows through to ritual suggestions, I have a large pool of resources to draw from and put together a truly touching ceremony that will echo sentiment for years to come.

I also happen to be one of Melbourne's only Greek speaking celebrants.

​As a celebrant, I take the responsibility of the role with great honor and privilege.

I am a true professional, a seasoned performer and most importantly, completely understanding of the importance and significance of your special day and will remain focused, organized, attentive and driven through to the "I Do's.

Ceremony Types

Elopements, Weddings

Religious Affiliations

No affiliations, Happy to accommodate your needs


Weddings, Ceremony Planning, Paperwork, Rehearsal

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